Custom Marquee Poster Lightboxes
    You've seen them at your local cineplex and now they can adorn the walls of your own theater as well.  Choose from a variety of style templates with your own info incorporated.  These are the same high quality graphics and lighting components we use for our commercial theater customers.   Incorporate the artwork from your custom marquee for that truly finished look.

            SLIM 4" Depth Marquee Poster Lightbox               

Black Powdercoat $599 ($69 shipping)

Marquee Style


 *NEW* SUPER-SLIM 2.5" Depth Marquee Poster Lightbox

Black Powdercoat $699 ($69 shipping)

Marquee Style

Now you can have a truly one of a kind poster marquee just as the major theaters do!  Our new poster marquees have all the industry leading features as our regular cinetech line with the following added :


Changeable Marquee AreaAn added area at the top or bottom of the lightbox with an additional T8 Bulb. Change your marquee header while leaving your poster in place.  You can even add a standard 5"x25" Movie Mylar ( readily available on  Ebay ) in your marquee header area

Customized Marquee - Choose the header of your choice from our library of templates below. We offer the most unique and highest quality digital imaging for your poster marquee.  Beware of those offering low resolution graphics with no U.V. filtering that will fade over time. You can even import your own artwork from a previous purchase with us for that truly finished look

             Click On Thumbnails To Enlarge

Galaxy Header

Simple yet elegant, this remains one of our most popular styles.  A great design that goes well with any decor.  

Faux Neon

Simple yet elegant, this style is straight from your local cineplex. Color match the neon to match your theater.

Bijou Marquee

 Rich gold tones and an elegant design make this a must for those looking for a unique look.


Wormhole Header

A fun and futuristic design with color options for the wormhole and text glow.

Custom Art Import 

  Import the artwork from one of our marquees for that truly finished look.

All available in the following titles

NOW SHOWING               

COMING SOON               

NOW FEATURING           




*Custom Text Requests





   If you've ever gone to a movie theater and seen the lighted poster advertisements for upcoming movies, those posters were illuminated by a poster light box.  These double sided posters are specially printed on both sides to give a vibrant, almost 3D look to posters when lit.  Due to the limited release of these DS posters, they have fast become a collectors item and some have even reached prices in the hundreds of dollars.  Once only available to the commercial theater industry, both posters and lightboxes can now be found readily available on the internet and Ebay.   So does this mean that all lightboxes are the same?  Not quite.....


Whether your displaying your posters in your home theater, office, or even store, there are 7 major buying points to look for:


MDF or Wood:   MDF is short for Medium Density Fiberboard and is similar to particleboard.  Both MDF and lower grade wood are utilized due to their low cost and ease of use.  Panels are cut and then glued or screwed together.  These type of lightboxes also tend to weigh quite a bit, meaning hanging them can entail finding a wall stud to drill into. Wood can also splinter and come apart at the corners.


Aluminum:  Use to build most of the commercial lightboxes used through out the world, anodized aluminum is the preferred material for lightboxes due to its low density (light weight), high specific strength and pleasing aesthetic finish.  Screws and  glue are not used,  but rivets that hold it firmly together.  All CINETECH models are made in this fashion.


Paint:   Many of the wood and MDF lightboxes are painted (sprayed or rolled.)  While you may have a nice black lightbox today, what will your light box look like in a few years after the fading and chips have taken their toll?


Anodizing:   Anodizing is an "electrochemical conversion process" that changes the outer structure of the metal, rather than an applied coating, like paint.   You not only have a beautiful finish but one that will last for years to come.  All CINETECH models are anodized in your choice of powder coat  silver or black.


Side loading:   The only available option for inexpensive  lightboxes,  your poster is sandwiched between a white diffuser backing and clear cover panel.  All three are inserted or removed by opening a spring attached side panel and sliding them into routered grooves.  This can be a bit strenuous as the white diffuser tends to be a bit heavy.  You will  also need ample room on one side of the lightbox to accommodate changing posters.  Some manufacturers claim that the friction of being in  between two vertical panels slid into groves will counteract the effects of gravity and prevent your poster from sagging.  Okay....but we'd have a roll of tape nearby anyway.


Front loading:  Most lightboxes found in theaters today use some sort of front loading method. The most popular have 4 front flaps that flip open and allow you to change the poster and clear panel only, leaving the white diffuser in the lightbox where it belongs.  These flaps also keep equal and even pressure on the clear lens over your poster, eliminating any possible poster sag.  This will keep your poster safe and undamged. Beware of other lightboxes that sandwich your poster with no all around pressure...these WILL SAG and ruin your poster over time. All CINETECH models are front pressure loading.

             CINETECH front loader with diffuser removed.                            An average wooden lightbox with springs 

       Notice the quality constriction and EZ flip open sides.                            and unpainted wood / tin backing


Fluorescent Bulbs:   

While all poster lightboxes use fluorescent lighting, they do not all use the same quantity or type of bulbs.  While 2 bulbs may provide enough light to illuminate your poster, it may not do it evenly on posters with a large white area. Lower end lightboxes use common T12 bulbs in a 2 bulb configuration. This  can leave some areas a bit dimmer than others.  The New CINETECH models use the slimmer and brighter T8 bulbs in a 4 bulb configuration to evenly light any image. We also use a thicker white acrylic diffuser than most ( weight is not an issue since ours remain in place ) to take these extra lumens and distribute them evenly.  You be the judge:


     Ordering Your Marquee Poster Lightbox 


Plexiglass:  The generally accepted material for poster protection. Variations in quality can result in its susceptibility to scratching and coloring as well as  produce viewing "waves" if not milled thick enough. 


Styrene: A lower grade plastic, this is the most common option with cheaper lightboxes. Most have no UV filtering which is the most important aspect in preserving your poster. They are also generally cut very thin producing viewing distortions.   Some websites even warn they cannot guarantee your panel from imperfections or waves, unless you upgrade. Upgrade? 


U.V. filtered Plexiglass : Offers U.V. protection from ambient sunlight that can fade your poster.  Even indoor lighting such as fluorescent can produce U.V. that will over time fade your poster.  It's also important that the piece of plexiglass is thick enough so as to not produce viewing distortions. All CINETECH models use an appropriately milled piece of U.V. filtered  plexiglass to provide optimum viewing and poster protection.


Electrical:   When buying a lightbox make sure that it has a grounded 3 prong     electrical cord as well as a switch to turn it off and on. Many lightbox makers expect   you  to pull out  the power cord to power it on and off.  We know...we can't believe it either.  All CINETECH models come with a power switch and grounded plug.  Special wiring needs? No problem.


Corners:   A lightbox is exactly that....a box with 4 corners. While it may not be a concern if everyone in the theater is over 3ft tall, many of today's theaters are located in the family home. The average lightbox hangs approximately 27" above the floor...leaving it's bottom corners at eye level of an average child. These mitered corners are common with almost  all lightboxes in production....but not all of them. All CINETECH models come with stylish (and child safe) rounded corners in a complimentary chrome or gloss finish.


The internet is flooded with companies willing to sell you a poster lightbox.....and popcorn makers, glow in the dark carpet, recliners, and just about everything else under the sun you could put in a theater. But do they all manufacture these items?  No, they are simply resellers for other companies.  There is an extra gap in there between you, your questions and needs, and the manufacturer.  What does this mean?  Usually higher prices and delays in shipping.  We at Hollywood Marquees are dedicated in what we do. We design, build, and install the most innovative & high quality theater/commercial signage available.  The Cinetech line is the culmination of over a year of product development and testing.  We do not have resellers as we already sell our lightboxes at wholesale prices.  We set out to build the best and most affordable poster lightbox available today to the general public....and we think we have.  



The delivery of your Custom Lightbox is just a mouse click away.  When your order is received


     1.) Instant Notification of Payment Received & Info Request

        a. We'll notify you that your order has been received and is being processed

        b. We'll request any special instructions or info you may want included with your purchase


    2.) Follow Up Email & Quality Check

        a. We'll let you know  your order has been through its final quality check and is ready for shipping


   3.) Shipping

        a.) We make sure your lightbox is well packed, bubble wrapped, and packaged

        b.) Your tracking number is forwarded to you as soon as it is issued


  Current production time is 3 weeks after final art approval.