The Box Office

   Your patrons will be searching their pockets to pay the friendly ticket taker for their admission!














































Aluminum -  Wall Mount    $485  ($49 shipping)


Safe Construction - All of our  products are made of either ABS Plastic or Anodized Aluminum with insulated wiring and an integrated power switch.  You never have to unplug our products to power off and on....or worry about paint chipping.

BEWARE -  Buying products that are made of  Wood or MDF and painted with flammable paints and lacquer can potentially be a fire hazard. These DO NOT meet U.L. requirements

Professional Graphics -  Our experience with digital graphics and lighting is unmatched.  We offer all our original designs at the sharpest resolutions and U.V. protected.  We are known for going the extra mile when it comes to special requests.

COPYCATS -  Some people have actually resorted to trying to duplicate our designs with poorly drawn imitations. Feel secure you are buying a quality rendered image from a professional.

Safe & Honest Shipping -  We guarantee fast and safe shipping at "actual cost"  We do not make money off our shipping.

TRACK & WATCH -  Upon completion and pre-ship final inspection of your item, we will forward you a tracking number for your convenience. Know exactly when to expect your package.


     Ordering Your Box Office

The delivery of your Custom Lightbox is just a mouse click away.  When your order is received


     1.) Instant Notification of Payment Received & Info Request

        a. We'll notify you that your order has been received and is being processed

        b. We'll request any special instructions or info you may want included with your                           purchase


    2.) Follow Up Email & Quality Check

        a. We'll let you know  your order has been through its final quality check and is ready              for shipping


   3.) Shipping

        a.) We make sure your lightbox is well packed, bubble wrapped, and packaged

        b.) Your tracking number is forwarded to you as soon as it is issued


  The Total process time for your order is just 1-2 days